• Summer Rush 2016!

    As spring semester is coming to an end, summer rush will quickly pick up! Our rush chairs this summer, Wade Backstrom and Kade Baker, are excited to t...Read More

The Recruitment Process

Acacia participates in summer recruitment annually. On occasion, and contingent upon the schedule of the active chapter, we may choose to participate in spring recruitment. Interested applicants, however, are highly encouraged to participate in summer rush activities in preparation for the fall pledge program that takes place each year.

Electronic applications to participate in the University of Nebraska Lincoln's Fraternity Summer Rush program can be completed at any time during the year by accessing the University's site at Greek Ignite.  Paper applications for mail-in submission are also available online. Typically following the end of the spring semester, The Office of Greek Affairs will then distribute your application to fraternities across campus for selection. Greek Affairs is able to assist you with application processes and questions at (402) 472-2582.

Recruits with concerns, questions, or interests in or about Acacia's summer rush program, visiting the house, or the recruitment process are encouraged to contact the rush chairmen directly. In order to do so, you may use the submission link on the top right of the page to provide our committee with your contact information. Should you choose, you are also more than welcome to call or text our chairmen using the contact information provided on the bio page.