• Summer Rush 2016!

    As spring semester is coming to an end, summer rush will quickly pick up! Our rush chairs this summer, Wade Backstrom and Kade Baker, are excited to t...Read More



The decision to participate in fraternity rush at The University of Nebraska Lincoln is an exciting process within itself and we surely hope that you will consider it whether you are a current, prospective, or transfer student. Acacia excels in areas of academics, brotherhood, leadership, teamwork, and service while maintaining strong ties to our families and the community around us. If you think you have what it takes to be a cut above the rest, Acacia is the place for you!

Alongside the numerous benefits, deciding to join the Greek community can be a complex and confusing process, and we know and understand that like other students, you and your parents have plenty of questions. While we strongly encourage your evaluation of other options in fraternities (in addition to Acacia) when finding the best fit for you, Acacia is always more than happy to assist and welcome prospective Greeks.

On the "Recruitment Process" page, you will find a brief overview of exactly how students can go about participating in Summer rush events and completing necessary paperwork with the Office of Greek Affairs. This page is a great resource when analyzing and acting on your initial interests in Greek life at UNL.

On the "Recruitment Chairmen" page, you will find contact information for our current rush chairs, as well as a brief biography of each.  Current and incoming students are encouraged to voice their interests and questions directly to the chairmen.

Are you a cut above the rest?

Acacia Fraternity is constantly seeking the best and brightest men at Nebraska for membership. Most of our recruitment process takes place during the summer, but we always welcome recruits. Acacia seeks men who have the potential to excel academically during their college careers, who will strive to be active in campus and fraternity activities, and who give back to their community by exemplifying our motto of "Human Service."